Society Emblem

Our official Society emblem is found on the seal which is used for official documents, and on the Key and the Tie Tack.  This emblem is the design of Kenneth Bretchelbauer.  Kenneth was the first Vice President of Alpha, the first Chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi. The meaning or premise that is conveyed by the crest on the emblem is as follows:

  • The Trees in the overriding top portion of the crest represent the supply of natural resources that are available to us as constructors.
  • The Plans in the lower left portion of the crest represent the high level of research and planning that we as constructors must apply and maintain in our operations.
  • The Building in the lower right portion of the crest represents the homes and all engineered facilities and services that result from our efforts as constructors.

The original intention was to convey From forest resources, to logs and lumber, to shelter and housing.  Changing times and the spirit thereof have broadened the general aspects of our society from merchant to constructor.  However, the basic premise remains:  that the integrity of the individual continues to be the guiding force.